Linking to a PDF

Adding a link to a PDF on your site may be a little confusing, but think of a PDF as a separate page on the site.  So basically you're just linking to another page.

  1. Go to the page you wish to add the link to and enter the edit mode

  2. If you are adding a new link, type the text you want to be the link and select it.  If you are editing an existing link, just click anywhere in the link text.

  3. Click the link button (the one that looks like a chain)

  4. If you know the full address of the PDF, enter it in the "URL" field.  Otherwise, click the "Browse Server" button.

  5. If you're adding a new file, take a look at the filename you plan to upload.  Since this will be seen by people getting the file, it should be a simple non-cryptic file name that makes sense for people seeing it on their computer after they've downloaded it.  Rename it first if necessary.

  6. If the file is not on the server already, navigate to the directory for your department, and click the "Upload" menu item, click the "Choose File" button to select the file on your hard drive, then click the "Upload" button.

  7. Make sure the file is selected and its name will appear in the lower box of this window.

  8. Click the "Insert File" menu item at the top, and the window will close.

  9. Now you'll see the "Link URL" field has been filled in.

  10. Click the "OK" button to save the changes.

  11. Now you will be back to your page.  If you are done editing, click "save" to save the page and you should be all set.