Our Philosophy

In Greek Mythology, Daedalus was known for his artistic, skillful, and ingenious inventions. At Daedal Creations, we know there's more to the web than a good-looking design. Our knowledge of printing techniques allows us to produce designs that save printing costs and still give you the look you want. Our experience with interface design and knowledge of technology allows us to craft web pages that are easy to navigate, quick to load, accessible to your entire audience, and still maintain a high quality and professional look.

Drawing of DaedalusDaedalus was also known for constructing wings to successfully escape the Labyrinth. Likewise, Daedal Creations can help you conquer the complexities of the modern day Labyrinth - the Internet. Do you want to share your information with the world, but don't speak the language of the 'net? You don't have to. We can talk to you in plain English to determine your needs, and even host the web pages for you.

By providing both print and web design services, we can save you both time and money. Did we design your newsletter? We can also add it to your web site. Last minute change on your product spec sheet? The same text is also changed on your web page and on-line order form. All with one contact. No more calls back and forth between multiple providers. With Daedal Creations, you can feel confident that all your customers will see a consistent business image.

So, whether you're a small non-profit organization, or a global company, e-mail us at info [at] daedalcreations.com (info[at]daedalcreations[dot]com) and find out how we can help you create the style you've been looking for.