Web & Print Design

Whether you need design work in print, your website, or help tying all of your internet marketing together, Daedal Creations give you the quality you need at a price you can afford.

Just starting a business or an organization, or seeking a new identity for an existing one? Daedal Creations can design your logo and use it to create your business cards, letterhead, forms, newsletters, brochures, newspaper ads, and even get you a web address, setup and maintain a web site, create all the different versions for all your social media sites, and get it noticed by popular search engines.

Already have a site? Many times, a complete site reorganization, rewrite, and redesign isn't practical for your staff or your budget. Those kinds of projects are often never completed or take too long and miss opportunities. We work with you to break your project into phases that are practical for your organization. Websites are never "done" and this way you can improve your site at a pace that's comfortable to you. We have designed print material since 1988 and written web pages since 1994 so you can be sure you're hiring experienced and efficient designers and programmers for your money.

There are many sites that can write web pages for you, and although many of them can provide you with reasonable looking web pages with little effort, they're usually pretty restrictive and their quality does not adhere to our strict standards. The information you put our your web pages should be available to everyone, and many website generators and templates can't guarantee that. Our web designs are coded to give you the most efficient and highest quality code. We are dedicated to creating web pages that are fully accessible to your audience, regardless of their web browser or platform. Our graphics are optimized to load quickly and designed specifically for each client, so your web site will have a unique and unified look. Most importantly, we have the experience to organize your site and create an interface to let your users get to the information they need quickly and intuitively.