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Updating Your Professional Facebook Page

Getting to your Page

The first trick to updating your Page is getting to it.  I usually recommend bookmarking your page, but you can also get to it easily from your website if it's linked from there.

To get to it if you're already signed into Facebook, go to your main Facebook page, and you'll see "Ads and Pages" in the left hand column near the top.  This is the new method as of the early 2010 Facebook redesign.

If you're in doubt, make sure your logo is in the photo area rather than your profile photo.  Then you're in the right spot.  Otherwise, you'll be updating your personal page instead.

Updating your Status

The simplest way to add something new to your wall is filling out the "What's on your mind?" field just like on your personal page.  You can add links, photos, events, and videos this way.

Sharing Other Websites

Many times there will be another website you want to share with your fans.  To do this:

  • Go to the webpage you want to feature on your Facebook Page.
  • Hilight the website address URL (the whole, "http://www.whatever...") and copy it
  • Go to your professional Facebook Page
  • Where it asks, "What's on your mind?" enter your thoughts on why the page would be of interest to your fans.
  • Click the "Link" icon next to "Attach:" under that field.
  • The link section will expand.
  • Click in it and paste the website address from above and click the "Attach" button.
  • The preview of the page will be displayed. 
  • If there are images on the page, you can click the left and right buttons that appear to choose the best representative image for the page.
  • Click the "Share" button, and you're all set!